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It seems like health insurance costs keeps increasing every year. I rounded up some tips that can help you keep them lower. Please talk to your doctor before you go on a diet or change medications. 

When comparing policies, please remember to check the coverage offered, not just the premieums. You don’t want to be uncovered for a major illness because you have a horrible policy.

  • Don’t be a smoker: This habit can cut your life short and it has been linked to other health problems. This in turn leads to higher costs.
  • Exercise regularly: Try being active 3x a week for at least 20 minutes. You can lose some
  • Watch what you eat:  Obesity can increase your chances of diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems.
  • Get a hobby: Hobbies can reduce the stress that you feel. That in turn can help your mental health and enrich your life.
  • Go for generic drugs when possible: Some drugs are available in generic form at less than half the cost.
  • Do routine exams: It’s better to catch something early than to wait until it develops into something worse.
  • Try health clinics: If you’re pinching pennies, this could be a good option. With my health insurance, I pay $30 a month for birth control pills. By going to the university health clinic, I pay $40 for 3 months’ supply.  I save $240/year just by doing that.

It’s amazing how much health insurances charge. Try to mainatin a healthy lifestyle and it’ll reap dividends beyond money saved.


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Yesterday I was feeling under the weather. I noticed that after lunch my eye had started swelling. By the time I was in my last class I was struggling to keep the bad eye open. I would’ve left school earlier but my husband and I are down to one car due to a repair shop’s incompetence.

I had a hot compress on with epson salt last night to try and heal it, but by this morning it got worse. My eye was basically swollen shut. I also had a hard time sleeping because the pressure on my eye kept waking me up. I called my insurance company and they gave me the number to a specialist in the area. I had to go to an opthamologist to get this problem diagnosed.

While I was shelling out money today, I realized that things would’ve been worse without health insurance.For example, my copay was $25 , without it, I estimate it would’ve been over $100. The oral antibiotics without insurance would’ve cost $11.99, with insurance it was $3.66.The eye drops that helps with the inflammation would’ve cost $$73.99, with insurance it was $30.

Here’s a comparison of the costs for today’s visit:

(With Health insurance): $58.66
(Without Health Insurance): $185.98

It’s still a hit on a college student’s budget, but I can live with it. I’m grateful that we have health insurance through my husband’s job. I urge anyone who can afford health insurance to get it. If you can’t afford it, please check with your state health department and social services to see what is available for you.

I’m not saying that health insurance is perfect. There are a lot of things that have to be addressed with how the industry is handled. Not having health insurance, though, can make a tough situation even more difficult. If you want to look more into the HMO portion of health care try viewing Michael Moore’s Sicko. Overall, I think he did a good job asking questions and he certainly gave my friends and I a lot of food for thought.

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